Software Development
We create customised web-applications based on open-source technologies.

Throughout the whole software development process we accompany our customers from the business analysis and requirements engineering, the programming and testing to the software implementation - and much more.


What kind of applications do we develop?

  • CMS programming with Contao
  • Customised database solutions for the desktop and as web-apps for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets
  • Programming of various reports using interfaces to external systems.
  • Cannot find your requirement? Then let us talk about it!


Do you have a new requirement or an idea how to create a more efficient way for an operative process? Then talk to us. We are continuously developing your application. With our modular and modern way of software development we are able to update applications also years after designing.


Focusing on customer service, quality and innovation we are offering support during productive operation, ensuring maintenance and taking the continuous enhancement.

Our applications are uniquely user-friendly and self-explanatory, so that there is no special integration required. However, we offer trainings on demand, too.


No matter which request you have, we are at your disposal via email support or by phone. Support requests will be answered efficiently according to the requirement by the first level or second level support. Customers will be updated about the current request status.

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