Who we are
What defines and drives us.

SDG - samlinux development group was established in 2000 by Roland Bole as a sole proprietorship. SDG is located in Klagenfurt, Feschnigstraße 217H. The company is specialised in developing web-based individual software and software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. SDG is active with the brands CareOrganise and VERIABLE in Austria and Germany as well as with the IC Academy worldwide.

Mission statement

We set ourselves the mission statement to connect people with technologies. Our goal is to make professional modern software easily accessible for the users as well as to generate new knowledge and to hand on to others.


Our core competences are in developing web-based software. For the major part we use open source technologies as well as open standards. Throughout our history we specialised on this topic and built an interesting technological and know-how based portfolio.

Another core area is to push the digitalisation and to support other companies in finding the best digitalisation strategy and supporting them in the implementation.

We also want to promote the dissemination of valuable knowledge and accelerate the transition from Web2 to Web3.


The center of our work is the customer. We come up with this by easy availability, clear definition of tasks and contact persons as well as professionalism and individuality. Our goal is to provide a high-level of customer satisfaction and to secure a high-quality software for our customers.

Because of our definitive innovative exploratory urge our technological focus is orientated on current state-of-the-art technologies. Outcomes find a direct use in the developing process of current projects. Our ability to innovate can be underlined by the consequent way of taking actions in the fields of

  • quality development (continuous improvement of internal processes),
  • ongoing education and training of employees as well as
  • trying out new ideas.



For the implementation of our projects we use nearly 100 % open source technologies which are supported by a broad community and represent the basis of the entire internet. As below you will find a few main technologies which we use in our projects:

Client Side
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript / TypeScript
  • CSS Frameworks as Tailwind
  • JS Frameworks Angular, Svelte, SolidJS
  • Static Side Generator Astro
Server side
  • nodeJS, PHP
  • mongoDB, MySql (MariaDb)
  • Docker, LXD/LXC
  • Blockchain network: Internet Computer
  • Canister / smart contracts: Motoko
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