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Can DAOs govern the world?
I assume that Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are an experiment in governance. Why? Let us find out together. Article download
Internet Computer - How to Interact with Your Canisters Using Javascript
I recorded this lecture for Motoko Bootcamp 2023. This lecture is about: How to interact with your canisters using JavaScript. It is divided into two parts. The first part provides some background information about the main building blocks for the interaction between frontend and backend containers. These building blocks are identity, agents and actors. Further I will show some ways to build and deploy projects on the Internet Computer.(More Infos about JavaScript Frameworks and JsBundlers.
Certified E-Learning Manager
The importance of e-learning is steadily growing not only since the pandemic. Due to hybrid working and workplace learning, the demand for e-learning is constantly increasing. Ubiquitous learning is becoming standard. With the certification, Iris verifies that she is able to design and implement target group-oriented digital learning concepts. Individual learning processes can be prepared and supported digitally. check certificate view certificate Customers benefit from the professionalism of developing, implementing and evaluating e-learning concepts according to the ISO/IEC 40180 standard.
Internet Computer Identity — a Journey of Discovery
When I started to develop with the IC, I did not pay attention to where and what my IC identity is. As a result, it caused a lot of confusion and put at risk of losing control of the running canisters on the IC mainnet. This article is written from the perspective of an IC developer who would like to get back self control over the deployed canisters. Read the article on medium.
Motoko Bootcamp — a recap
The Motoko Bootcamp was a one-week-long virtual conference from March 05, 2022 to March 12, 2022 where experienced Internet Computer (IC) developers helped and trained groups of newbies who want to learn how to develop dapps on the Internet Computer. In this story I was one of these newbies — remember you are never too old to learn something new. Also if you are in the age group of a geriatric developer.
Angular meets Internet Computer
This article is inspired by a lack of proper documentation on how you can get started to develop on the IC with Angular. Furthermore, this article is another personal outcome from the awesome Motoko Bootcamp from March 05 until March 12 2022 which I would like to share. Read the article on medium.
Hyperledger Fabric für Node.js Developers - 2021jsday.it
In his talk about Hyperledger Fabric for Node.js Developers Roland takes the attendees on a journey through the world of Hyperledger Fabric. He shows how a Node.js developer can write chaincode (smart contract) and interact with the network. With a CRUD application Roland demonstrates how fabric-contract-api is used to write a chaincode with Node.js. Furthermore, he will explain how an express.js REST application can interact with the Hyperledger Fabric network.
Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) / Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Node.js
This is the first session of the biweekly crowdcast session series about Hyperledger Fabric Developer with special focus on Node.js development. The session series shows a little bit of my own preparation process for the Hyperledger Fabric Developer certification. In this first session I would like to share how you can use the concept of attribute based access control (ABAC) in your chaincode, implemented with Node.js. Based on a simple chaincode I give an overview of the background of this concept and I conclude with a hands-on example written in Node.
Certified Blockchain Solution Architect
Blockchain is one of the future digitalisation developments which increases the transparency, the security, and the efficiency of applications implemented cross-organizationally. With the certification Iris can officially document her knowledge and competences in the following topics: Principles of the blockchain Functions and advantages of the blockchain Types of blockchain Fields of application Architecture of the Blockchain Design and development of a Blockchain Blockchain Training Alliance (https://blockchaintrainingalliance.com) Customers benefit from the professionalism to find the appropriate blockchain solution, to design it regarding the customer requirements, to support the development of the blockchain, and to hand over blockchain knowledge.
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