Due to the rapid technological changes in digitalisation it is hard keeping track.

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The possibilities of digitalisation in companies are manifold and range from digitalisation of processes, electronic invoices, IT security and data privacy to e-commerce and webshop.

In many cases, questions about using the right technologies for the implementation in the cloud remain open. Keywords such as distributed systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence and blockchain accelerate the spread. However, what does this mean exactly and how can new technologies be implemented as an advantage for the company?

What does digitalisation mean?

Currently, there is no clear definition of digitalisation. Wikipedia describes it as the transformation from an analog to a digital format, the Gabler economic lexicon calls it a digital revolution.


Digitalisation is the process of transforming information into a digital format (cf. Wikipedia).


The term digitalisation has several meanings. It can mean the digital transformation and representation or implementation of information and communication or the digital modification of instruments, devices and vehicles as well as the digital revolution, also known as the third revolution, or the digital turnaround.

Digital and real as a unit

Digitalisation works at its best as a unit. A symbiosis between digital and real elements which comprises the whole company. The digitalisation of a company is not just a big project, it is a continuous changing process affecting all areas of a company - from the organisation and production to used procedures as well as the integration of the employees.

We are offering consultancy for small- and medium-sized companies in the field of digital transformation of processes by using the latest technologies and considering data privacy and IT security. Are you interested in transforming your company into a paperless one, speeding-up processes and providing not only products but also services to your customers? If so, just contact us, we are pleased to help.

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