Publications & Awards
Master Thesis: Automation of Audit Processes with Blockchain Technology - from the Auditing Perspective
As part of her master's degree in Business Process Engineering and Management at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland Mrs. Iris Velik wrote her master's thesis on the automation of audit processes with blockchain technology - from the auditing perspective. The master's thesis clearly prepares the blockchain topic for non-technicians and answers the question of whether audit processes can be carried out more efficiently and effectively by using blockchain technology and which process flows are necessary for that.
Master Thesis: Development of an IT Documentation System for SaaS Providers based on Blockchain Technology
HerrAs part of his master's degree in Cloud Computing Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland Mr. Roland Bole analysed in his master's thesis the development of an IT documentation system for SaaS providers based on blockchain technology with a prototype. The prototype was developed with the Hyperledger Fabric framework and evaluated scientifically with the design science method. The result of the master thesis shows the proof of integrity of documentation obligations with blockchain technology for IT service providers.
EuroCloud Award 2017
As part of the EuroCloud Forum in Brussels on 25.10.17 CareOrganise achieved the second place of Europe’s best SaaS service. CareOrganise was awarded with the 2nd place in the category BEST CLOUD SERVICE FOR VERTICAL MARKETS. Due to the fact that Eurocloud has a strong focus on compliance and data protection we are pleased to be honored. Considering the upcoming general data protection regulation this achievement is very important for us.
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