StarAudit Accreditation
StarAudit – Accreditation is successfully extended for 2020. Continuous qualification is a fundamental part of the information technology and especially in cloud computing.
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written by Roland Bole
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StarAudit is a world-wide program - provided by EuroCloud Europe - with an international network of accredited partners and experts. EuroCloud Europe is an independent non-profit organisation ( StarAudit supports the growth of cloud-based services and innovations world-wide.

The fields of activities of StarAudit are:

  • Trust in the cloud,
  • Sensitisation programs,
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations,
  • Knowledge transfer,
  • Start-up sponsorship,
  • Standards and interoperability,
  • Harmonisation of the legal frameworks.

We always strive towards meeting the current developments, especially in the compliance management and in the transparent handling of relevant questions of the cloud computing.

Therefore, we are pleased that Mr. Roland BOLE, Bakk. MSc has renewed his accreditations StarAudit Ambassador, StarAudit Foundation and StarAudit Professional.

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