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It is time to take a look back and a closer look at our exciting journey from the beginnings of the internet to today's cloud computing.
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written by Roland Bole
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A turbulent year is coming to its end. The corona pandemic has all of us firmly under control. At the same time, a very pleasant event for us almost went under, namely our 20th company anniversary. Yes, samlinux’s history goes back 20 years. It is time to take a look back and a closer look at our exciting journey from the beginnings of the internet to today’s cloud computing.

We have always been a company that has stayed in the background. We are always focusing on our tasks rather than being in the spotlight. We like to leave this to other companies - especially to our customers who could and can solve their problems with our applications.

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Our journey began in 2000 - a time where the internet was something new and unknown for many of us. The “web” was unapproachable and was observed with scepticism. Also the web technology - the creation of programs which can be executed with an internet browser - was something new. In these times dominated by Microsoft the access to web technologies and linux systems was novel. Today, the web technologies and linux systems are a fixed component of the software development and belong to the portfolio of Google, Microsoft, and Co, as well as of many service providers which offer their service on the internet. The decision taken in the past to specialise in web technologies delivers the experience for decades to build and run modern, stable, and secure web applications today.

In the past as well as currently, our customers can execute the permanent change between home office and on-site seamlessly thanks to our applications. In 2020 the digitalisation of companies is fully under way and web technologies play a central role in it. Definitely, there is still a lot of room for improvement to digitise the society.

However, the technical realisation of a web application is only one side of the coin. The other side is the understanding and the expert knowledge of the customer and industry requirements for modern applications. Over the years, our fields of activity have covered various industries and company types, from retail to wholesalers, from international consulting companies to local service providers, from profit to non-profit organisations. The experiences we have gained find their way into our work and constantly stimulate the quality of our results.

Overall, the technical development of cloud computing has rapidly accelerated since 2010. The pressure on IT service providers building applications which are compared with free applications made by Google, Facebook and Co increases continuously. It is becoming more and more difficult for a layperson to understand the complexity of a modern web application, too.

We pursue the strategy of continuously incorporating new technologies into our development kit. Therefore, we are in a good position to use the latest technologies as required in order to provide our customers with the appropriate user experience and to connect people with technology. We are still fascinated by what is possible with modern technologies and what will be possible in the future.

As a company samlinux has managed to be a reliable partner for its customers over the last two decades. With a solid economic basis and a stable workforce the company can look ahead. We would like to thank our standing customers and employees for their loyalty and good cooperation in solving interesting tasks.

Even 20 years after our beginnings we are still relying on a new concept: the blockchain technology. This distributed ledger technology is used for a decentralized, tamper-proof and verifiable storage of transactions (data) in a distributed ledger. In the next review we will see whether this decision sums up as successfully as the web technology and cloud computing did.

Cheers Roland

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