Hosting our Website on the Internet Computer
Nowadays, it is common to host the website with a provider - an intermediary that provides the infrastructure for storing and retrieving HTML pages.
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The security of the website is entirely in the hands of the provider, who must maintain the servers accordingly and keep them secure. In reality, it is hardly possible to check the security. Ultimately, you have to trust that the provider keeps everything correct and in accordance with the state of the art and that no one else has access to the website data. However, any administrator or network technician of the provider can access the data and change it.

A Departure into the New and Unknown

As the development in this area never stops, we have decided to go one step further and host and make our website accessible on a blockchain system - the Internet Computer.

Hosting the website on the Internet Computer offers numerous advantages that can be seen in technological, financial and security terms.

Decentralized Infrastructure

The Internet Computer is a decentralized network operated by independent data centers worldwide. This means independence from traditional cloud providers and greater reliability. For our website we use the European Subnet of the Internet Computer. This ensures that all data is stored exclusively on servers within the European Union. This complies with the GDPR.


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Cost Efficiency

By eliminating providers and using a more efficient infrastructure, website operating costs can be significantly reduced. There are no ongoing fees for server maintenance and administration.

The projected cost of running the site is approximately $ 5 per GB per year. This includes all security-relevant measures to protect the website.

Safety & Technical

The inherent security of the decentralized architecture and multi-layer encryption means the website is better protected against cyberattacks and data loss.

The Internet Computer also allows the website to scale seamlessly to handle sudden spikes in traffic without the need for additional configuration.

Thanks to the blockchain technology used, all data is transparent and immutable. This offers an additional trust bonus for users.

Even with the blockchain technology used, the website is fast enough. With an access time of 200 milliseconds, access is slightly slower than traditional hosting. However, this can easily be compensated through efficient website programming.

It should also be mentioned that the Internet Computer supports 100% SEO support. This means the website can be indexed by search engines like a normal website. If you look at the technical background of a smart contract, this is extraordinary and unique.

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Environmentally Friendly

A not insignificant and increasingly important aspect is the energy consumption in IT. Blockchain systems in general are said to have very high energy consumption. The Internet Computer deliberately counteracts this and offers far better sustainability than the traditional IT stack because it follows a completely different architectural approach that makes it more energy efficient.

The power consumption of a single transaction, such as accessing a page on the website, is 0.003 Wh/tx (watts per hour per transaction) on the Internet Computer.

The Internet Computer is therefore more energy efficient than traditional data centers and thus contributes to a lower carbon footprint. Transparent reporting of electricity consumption also makes a statement towards transparency and sustainability.

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Finally, we see the conversion of the website to the Internet Computer as a proof of concept. Collecting experience brings us important conclusions for the further use of this technology.

In terms of practicality, ongoing use will show how acceptable the technology is. This is precisely why we work in IT, to always have our finger on the pulse. As a pioneer in new technologies, we can always offer our customers innovative solutions.

Ultimately, we only provide advice where we have the relevant experience.

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