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The world of digitalisation moves forward rapidly. The Google Cloud Summit 2019 in Munich shows clearly the direction of the already feasible.
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On 19th of September 2019 the Google Cloud Summit 2019 took place in Munich. We took the opportunity to inform us about the latest trends in application development, smart analytics & data management or compute modernization in enterprise - hybrid cloud.

Summing up, the event succeeded very well, was informative and inspiring. We are looking forward to next year! Two contents have to be mentioned: Cloud run and the current developments in smart analytics & data management.

Cloud Run

With cloud run Google gives the possibility to run stateless HTTP containers in a completely managed environment. With this approach the serverless computing - FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) - is expanded with a further dimension, namely with containers.

A good example for demonstration is the deployment of a static website - like this website. We use cloud run to run the SDG website because

  1. no own webserver has to be run and maintained,
  2. no compromises have to be taken with the provider,
  3. a version secure website can be operated which scales according to the utilization, and
  4. a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for the domain is automatically included.
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Further information you will find under the following link: Cloud Run.

Smart Analytics & Data Management

Within the smart analytics & data management section the emphasis was on AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). It was interesting to observe which ML projects were presented.

The format of Google Cloud Summit is built in that way that Google presents not only the technique but also a partner from the industry who demonstrates the technique with a practical example.

Regarding the topic of AI a project of image recognition during the sewer cleaning of a German city was presented. With the help of ML thousands of images are analysed and examined on sewer damages. This project is a practical example for ML and image recognition and shows the status of the technique. There is still room for improvement. Nevertheless, it was amazing to see on what people work and which benefits can be generated.

Further interesting insights were presented by notable enterprises like the ARD or the Deutsche Börse, how they use Google cloud products.

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