Certified Blockchain Solution Architect

We congratulate Iris on the certification as a Blockchain Solution Architect at the Blockchain Training Alliance!

written by Roland Bole
published on 28.05.2021

Blockchain is one of the future digitalisation developments which increases the transparency, the security, and the efficiency of applications implemented cross-organizationally.

With the certification Iris can officially document her knowledge and competences in the following topics:

  • Principles of the blockchain
  • Functions and advantages of the blockchain
  • Types of blockchain
  • Fields of application
  • Architecture of the Blockchain
  • Design and development of a Blockchain
Blockchain Training Alliance (https://blockchaintrainingalliance.com)

Customers benefit from the professionalism to find the appropriate blockchain solution, to design it regarding the customer requirements, to support the development of the blockchain, and to hand over blockchain knowledge.

Together with our developer team individual blockchain solutions are implemented with Hyperledger Fabric. The customer is supported from the idea generation, the development of the concept and prototyping until the final blockchain solution.

The authenticity of Iris’ certification can be verified on the Ethereum blockchain by using a crypto-hash. By inserting the Transaction Hash 0x273a00c0d6f6c4affbda89a6b8acec2bfe7dfd64f5225879b7310277cb61859c on https://etherscan.io https://etherscan.io the transation will be displayed. Under the Input Data Section at the bottom and by choosing the View Input as UTF-8 the CBSA certification of Iris is readable.

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